Risk Management

Can Portfolio Management Address Capital Risks?

Competition and market forces are changing the tech industry more than ever. These factors have made it imperative for organizations…

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People Management Tips to Combat Uncertainty

People management is arguably one of the essential soft-leadership skills. It enhances productivity by boosting the morale of the workforce…

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Are You on Top of What Is Vital to the Stakeholders?

People management is a risky business. Often, companies suffer major project failure following the loss of a skilled professional. In…

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Beware of These ‘Silent Killers’ at Your Organization

Companies often seek to reinvent their products, services, and business models in a rapidly changing world. However, ‘silent killers’ often…

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How to Balance Your Company’s IT Risk Governance

If you have effective IT risk governance, you can be more transparent with your stakeholders. For that, you need to…

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Help Stakeholders Realize PM Risks vs. Uncertainties

Do you think PM risks and uncertainties are the same? If you do, you are not alone. However, to prove…

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IT Governance to be The Top Risk in 2021

According to Gartner’s research, COVID-19 has reshaped the risk landscape for chief audit executives. The study listed IT governance as…

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Golden Rules for Risk Management Under Tight Schedules

Project risk management is one of the most lethal but easily overlooked aspects of the project management process. Risks and…

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Striving for Operational Resilience? Implement IT Governance

Achieving operational resilience is challenging, considering the increasing complexity of processes, technology infrastructure, and organizational silos. To achieve operational resilience,…

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Implement Visual Models for Your ITG Practices

For many organizations, IT-enabled business initiatives constitute significant investments. IT professionals and management are concerned with implementing, designing, and assessing…

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