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How the Validate Scope Process Can Improve Your Project

Many project leaders struggle to track completed projects and deliverables. It hampers the overall project scope and deliverables management. The fifth process of the scope management knowledge area – validate scope process – is a vital tool to manage your deliverables. It allows customers to review the project for requirements in its initial phase. With the help of the validate scope process, they can approve deliverables and mark them completed after meeting procedural goals. In one of their articles, Master of Project Academy shares the importance of this scope process.

How the Validate Scope Process Helps

It helps project managers organize and execute meetings to gain formal acceptance during the project monitoring process. Additionally, it is necessary to understand the significance of customer validation and project deliverables’ acceptance. If you wait until the end of the project to get project acceptance from the customers, they might suggest too many changes.

The Inputs of Scope Management

The first input of this process comes after the execution of a deliverable. The approved scope is the second input that refers to the last scope of a project affirmed by the stakeholders. Your requirement traceability matrix shows the progress of each requirement.

The Outputs of the Validate Scope Process

The first output of the scope process is approved deliverables. The second output is change requests. The customers might ask to add some additional project requirements. The new requirements are initiated with a change request. To implement a change, it should be first approved by the change control board and then implemented by your team. The third output focuses on the defects. If your deliverables do not meet the desired requirements, your project team reworks on the deliverables to fix the issue.

In addition, work performance information and project updates are other outputs that you should pay attention to. Update your work performance information and align it with the budget forecast, schedule forecast, and quality requirements.

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