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Can Your Audit Process Be Improved with Compliance?

Are you paying attention to your project audit processes? If not, it can affect your project communication, planning, and execution. The audit process is a professional review of your project that ensures all the standards are systematically followed. However, most project leaders do not emphasize audits, and that subsequently reflects poorly on their project performance. To make your audit process clear and effective, you must appoint a designated authority to monitor and execute the audit efficiently. In one of their articles, ITtoolkit Magazine shares how compliance plays a crucial role in enhancing audit procedures.

Essential Characteristics of an Audit Process

Every audit process has four key attributes, namely, alignment, independence, visibility, and organizational support. As a project leader, you must cultivate a positive mindset among team members regarding audits. Do not look at the audit operations as a hindrance but as a key procedure to enhance project performance. Furthermore, ensure your audit team does not get affected by negativity. Empower their work operations and provide constructive feedback.

How to Make an Audit Process Part of Your Business Operations

You can support the audit function in your business by:

  1. Defining your audit goals clearly
  2. Highlighting the skillset of your auditors
  3. Specifying the roles and responsibilities of auditors
  4. Listing the criteria to select projects for audits
  5. Mentioning the details of the audit procedure
  6. Exhibiting the audit techniques and approaches
  7. Making the audit reports accessible to your workforce
  8. Familiarizing your team with how to respond to audit reports

How to Conduct Successful Audit Operations

The key to audit operations’ success lies in transparent communication. The auditors must bring clarity to the business structure and project management operations. It will eventually reduce the workload of project managers and help them align their workforce and resources efficiently. Moreover, your audit procedure must implement a global approach, examining all the possible variables to make accurate business observations.

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