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PM Best Practices: Is Effective Communication Critical?

What is the most crucial part of a project manager’s job? Every project manager would undoubtedly point to effective communication. With complex layers of tasks, details, and decision-making required in any project, it would be impossible to achieve project success without communication. Remember, communication, as one of the project management (PM) best practices, is time-consuming and involves finesse in transferring information from one person to another. It is not as easy as it seems. This article at Project Practical discusses why communication as one of the PM best practices is crucial in achieving project success.

Communication – One of the PM Best Practices

Being Present for Your Team

Being readily available for your team and understanding your team’s roles, challenges, and achievements is one of the PM best practices. Communicate with your team members through regular check-ins to achieve this. “You don’t need to have these meetings in person. Virtual meetings work too. It’s just vital that you have them. You could use Skype, have a conference call,” says the author.

Being Clear as One of the PM Best Practices

Every team member working on your project must know what is being discussed. Additionally, promote clear deadlines, draft a plan for every meeting, and send it to all team members. Being transparent and visible during project communication, whether within teams or among stakeholders, helps you accomplish project success.

Showing Respect

Regardless of title and position in the organizational hierarchy, all participants must respect their fellow team members and should be held accountable for their behavior. Furthermore, if team members disagree with leadership, they should be able to freely communicate their thoughts, opinions, and concerns without fear of ridicule or consequence.

Being Inclusive

Your employees will undoubtedly be demotivated if they cannot voice their opinions, concerns, and accomplishments. Therefore, be inclusive, invite everybody to meetings, and get everybody’s views. Experts believe it is always better to have as much team input as possible.

To read more about PM best practices, click on https://www.projectpractical.com/10-best-practices-for-effective-communication-in-projects/.

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