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Project Management Metrics That You Should Not Ignore

Data helps businesses make informed decisions about the company’s future and ongoing projects. When you incorporate the collected project data with project management metrics, it gives you a better idea of your project’s growth and productivity. Project management metrics also help companies assess project status, mitigate risks, and enhance project quality. Several metrics play a crucial role in measuring their growth. In one of their articles, Villanova University shares a list of important project management metrics that you should incorporate.

Understanding and Implementing Project Management Metrics

Acknowledging Metrics

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when implementing project metrics:

  1. Keep the use of project metrics and KPIs clear and simple in your project reports.
  2. Plan your project metrics for the long term.
  3. Strive for buy-in from senior management.
  4. Make sure underlying data is available and reliable.
  5. Communicate your needs regarding project metrics with the team.
  6. Discuss the budget and resources before your work on project metrics.

List of Key Project Metrics

Here is a list of project metrics that are important to manage the growth and performance of your tasks:

  1. Productivity – This metric helps managers assess resource utilization. It lets you keep track of underperforming staff and unavoidable project situations.
  2. Scope of work – It enables you to adapt to the project changes and keep track of the project journey.
  3. Quality and satisfaction – This is a customer-focused project metric. It can also help you detect problems in the project before it causes bigger damage.
  4. Cost – Cost management provides instructive insights into various components, such as scope, quality, and productivity.
  5. Gross Margin – It is the difference between total income procured and total project cost.

How to Implement Them

Communicate your vision with your team. Discuss how you can make the process more efficient. Create a project management plan that the entire team can understand and carry forward.

Significance of Project Metrics

Project metrics give you better control over your project deliverables and improve the chances of project success. Besides, they help you learn from and measure different aspects of a project.

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