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Understanding Project Management Metrics and Dashboards

Due to technological and remote work disruption, projects have become more complex in modern organizations. Project managers have become more aware of different options that can help them monitor and review projects efficiently. Some project leaders have begun to incorporate project management metrics into their project dashboards. This helps them to get a clearer understanding of their projects. In her article for ProjectCubicle, Valencina Pacelli shares how project management metrics can improve your project dashboard.

Are Project Management Metrics and Dashboards Related?

What Is a Project Management Dashboard?

It is crucial for project managers to simultaneously monitor the growth and resource utilization of several projects. In addition, it is also vital to track the performance of every project team member. A project dashboard can help you tackle various project management metrics and will also help you evaluate key performance indicators.

What Is a Key Performance Indicator?

A key performance indicator (KPI) is any effective measurement that aids the evaluation of project performance. KPIs can be incorporated into a project dashboard to improve project status reporting.

Why Is a Project Management Dashboard Crucial?

A project management dashboard gives you a measurable insight into your project that allows you to simultaneously track, compare, analyze, and evaluate several projects. You can use key performance indicators and work performance reports to leverage project metrics more efficiently.

Benefits of a Project Management Dashboard

The project management dashboard helps you in:

  • Managing project metrics efficiently
  • Communicating changes within the team
  • Collecting and categorizing data from various resources
  • Generating real-time reports of the project
  • Easing the decision-making process
  • Incorporating different project management tools, such as graphs, charts, etc.
  • Improving collaboration with team and stakeholders
  • Providing high-level visual reports

Selecting a Project Management Dashboard

Make sure you choose a project dashboard that is easy to understand. It should exhibit high scannability so you can understand and communicate the information efficiently. Your project management dashboard should work well with other software and web applications, whether cloud or non-cloud.

Project Management Metrics You Should Include

Here is a list of metrics that you should include in your dashboard:

  • Activity and milestone tracking
  • Growth and performance reports
  • Resource allocation
  • Team workload
  • Project risks
  • Budget allocation
  • Critical actions

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