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Learn More About Metrics to Enhance Software Quality

Software development widely relies on software metrics to understand the feasibility, flaws, and market value of different software applications. Software metrics also bring more visibility into the software quality assurance process. Certain metrics play an essential role in determining a better idea of the applications, including the defects and overall quality. In one of their articles, Geeks for Geeks talks about several important metrics that you should be familiar with in order to monitor software development programs in an efficient manner.  

Code Quality

As the name suggests, code quality measures your team’s code quality used in the software development program. You can maintain the coding standards by ensuring that the code lines are bug-free and semantically correct. Code quality metrics measure quantitative elements (number of lines, complexity, functions, etc.) and qualitative elements (readability, efficiency, maintainability, etc.) to better estimate a software application.


Reliability metrics are used to make sure that software can deliver its function in every situation. The reliability of the software can be measured using the mean time between failure (MTBF) and mean time to repair (MTTR).


Performance metrics are used to ensure that your software can fulfill user expectations and requirements. One of the ways to measure performance metrics is by figuring out how much time and resources your software uses to provide the service.


Maintenance is a time-consuming and expensive process. If the software is easily maintained, it can be widely marketed on this specific aspect. There are several ways to measure maintainability, such as adapting to new features/functionality, mean time to change (MTTC), etc.


Software applications are often integrated with other applications to deliver specific results. In that situation, it is essential for software applications to be compatible for better and extensive usage.


A software application should be secure enough to withstand cyberattacks. In the modern age of increasing cyber threats, security is one of the most crucial aspects software developers must oversee. As a software developer, it is your responsibility that the end-user does not experience any data loss, cyberattack, or unauthorized changes to the software.

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