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How Is Fatigue Affecting Your Team’s Efficiency?

Many business owners and leaders keep thinking of possible opportunities to boost their teams’ confidence and their own. To motivate yourself or your team members, you can do something as basic as appreciating their work or attentively listening to them. However, such things do not always help. Professional burnout and fatigue are prominent reasons for the adverse shift in a company’s productivity. As a leader or business owner, you should ask yourself how your employees or team members feel and why it matters. In her article for strategy+business, Wanda T. Wallace talks about fatigue in businesses and how you can tackle it in a specific way.

Fatigue Leads to Failure

According to a survey conducted by Lyra Health and the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions in June 2020, 80% of the 1,265 survey participants confessed that they experienced negative emotions. Their fatigue was related to poor mental health, anxiety, and depression. The survey also stated that 65% of the participants’ mental health issues affected their ability to work. Close to 40% of the respondents said that their work schedule had forced them close to burnout. With such alarming statistics on mental health, it becomes highly crucial for businesses to acknowledge how their employees feel and what they can do to make the workforce feel better.

Enable Recovery

Experts believe that recovery is a great tool to overcome professional fatigue. It is a practical activity that keeps the heart rate in check and releases stress hormones. A recovery bit could be reading a magazine to playing an instrument, or even a simple walk. However, going for a recovery break might not be feasible and fulfilling in an office space. To tackle that, business owners or team leaders should acknowledge the need for recovery time and facilitate groups to sit together and talk for a while to lessen the stress.

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