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Wondering About IT Governance? Try These Solutions

Establishing IT governance is a task, especially when you are implementing it in a large company. Even startups face issues because they do not have the right expertise to follow through with the best solutions. Furthermore, what your company wants can be different from its peers, no matter how similar they are in their business model and governance framework. So, you need visibility for a better IT governance structure in your company. In this article at IT Chronicles, Terry Brown shares some of the popular IT governance solutions available in the current scenario. Find out what they are here.

IT Governance Steps

Seek Help from Consultants

Are you facing troubles in understanding IT governance architecture? Seek a consultant that can help you with gap analysis, a framework maturity assessment, IT strategy and architecture design, compliance maintenance, regular audits, and so on. Accreditations like ISO/IEC 38500 can get tricky if you are not well-versed with the rules. You can also outsource your IT governance task management to your consultant. Instead of losing precious resource hours, you can utilize the time to brainstorm sessions with teams and develop market-competitive ideas.

Conduct Training

You need to train employees in IT governance frameworks for better handling and implementation. ISO 27001 certification and compliance-related training courses are available for your perusal. You can even request a reliable institution to deliver the courses in-house. Should the employees want to pursue a higher-level certification, encourage them to enroll in such certification courses.

General Awareness

Training on IT governance might be a one-time event or an annual affair. However, your staff members must continuously upgrade themselves with new knowledge instead of waiting for a formal upgrade. It can be as simple as holding a meeting to update employees about an upgrade in the policies or discussing doubts regarding them. These allow you to gather better visibility for IT governance.

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