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How IT Governance Can Help You with ITSM

In IT governance, you must understand the processes, rules and regulations, tools, and approaches an organization must use to ensure that IT meets company strategic expectations. The investment allotted should accrue value at the end of the day. However, you must have a proper setup for any governance framework to work. Since IT governance is part of enterprise governance, it is essential that you measure the outcomes for value detection. That is how you achieve visibility in IT governance for ITSM efficacy. In this article at KnowledgeHut, discover how you can make it possible.

IT Governance and ITSM

For your organizational performance control, you can utilize ITIL 4 with COBIT, a trusted IT governance framework. So, what should be the activities that constitute governing an organization?

  • You should regularly assess the type of strategy, portfolio of projects and programs, and stakeholder relationships you have and must improve.
  • Assign the type of expectations you have from each stakeholder.
  • Keep a tab on how the processes, products, and services of the organization are proceeding. Only then will you discover if you are moving in the assigned direction and aligning with the expected rules.

EDM Processes

COBIT has a set of EDM processes that you must follow for ITSM upkeep. They are:

  • Make sure the flow of governance is consistent and aligned with your enterprise decisions.
  • Whichever initiatives you take, ensure that benefits optimization is at the top of the priority list.
  • Understand your risk landscape and frame risk appetite and tolerance accordingly.
  • You must fully utilize the resources available to you for cost efficiency and benefits realization.
  • Have regular interactions with stakeholders through meetings and reports.

In order to make IT governance work for you, you must apply it across the organization per the needs of the relevant departments or processes. You must embrace ITIL 4 principles and strive to continually learn to improve IT performance.

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