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Is IT Governance Inclusive and Visible In Nature?

Governance is usually observed as a diversified field that has led to several different sets of specializations. Some professionals believe that these diversified specializations often hamper the collective impact of governance in a business. Governance is supposed to constitute direction, strategies, policies, and actions and progress them as a whole. Moreover, it should bring a sense of visibility among business owners, employees, stakeholders, and clients.

However, one of the early mistakes business owners make is that they individually focus on these diverse elements that affect the business’s collective operation. In his article for ISACA, Ookeditse Kamau talks about IT governance and why it is essential for companies to focus on an inclusive approach.

A Singular Term

Kamau states, “Governance is a singular term. However, many organizations have adopted Governance as a plural term. They have adopted different leadership stances and priorities over management of financial Governance, and IT Governance, with financial Governance taking center stage.” Dividing governance into different individual frameworks adversely affects the functions and operations within an organization. It is the responsibility of business owners to provide a vision and direction to the workforce. Similarly, it is the government’s responsibility to safeguard government policies and regulations.

Impact of IT Governance Exclusivity

Businesses often do not thrive or have a hard time dealing with the problems because they are too scared to incorporate the technological advancements in their enterprise. They deal with the anxiety of lagging and are afraid of making suitable changes. Kamau mentions that the exclusivity of IT governance could terrorize a more significant part of the market.

Kamau suggests that companies should incorporate an IT framework model that effectively keeps progressing their governance functions. Talking about COBIT, he asserts that it is being perceived as an exclusive framework that provides training and workshops to IT professionals. It helps businesses to improve the governance and management of organizational information and technology.

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