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How Quality Regulates Quality Assurance

Quality can be defined in different ways depending on what context it is being used. However, the basic concept of quality can be described as the inherent essence of something and how good it is per the conventional standards. In their article, Software Testing Help shares some widely accepted characteristics of quality that serve as an integral part of the quality assurance process.

Is Quality Subjective?

This definition of quality has a lot of subjective elements that make quality an ambiguous and hard-to-describe concept. Quality is often used to bring visibility into software quality assurance. However, there are several aspects that can be used to measure the quality of a project, product, or person.


Reliability is deemed to be one of the most crucial aspects to determine the quality and improve quality assurance. It can be described as the ability of a product or a person to perform consistently to such an extent that it develops a sense of trust in the user.


Usability can be measured in the context of a product’s usage and how user-friendly or accessible it is in the longer run. For a better usability quotient, the product must be easy to use for input, preparation, operation, and output execution.


Efficiency is measured in terms of the total time taken to execute a task by the system. Efficiency goes a long way to determine the quality of a system because it provides a realistic picture of the resources and how efficient they are in executing a specific task.


It is a rational thought to reuse the resources from the cost-efficient and time-saving aspect. As far as the software is concerned, different code library classes should be essential enough to be utilized in other application models. It is often considered wise to divide the application into separate modules to be used across the applications more than once.


Interoperability is measured as the ability to exchange data or services with other systems. Different system models should execute operations on various platforms, different databases, and protocol conditions.   

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