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Adopting Cloud? Check Your IT Governance Model

Do you think IT governance is a means to achieve regulatory adherence and security of the company? Or do you think it is how you implement policies in a company, along with best practices and development methodologies? Well, both are correct if you want to achieve visibility for IT governance. Scott Cameron shares why you need to check your IT governance model before cloud adoption in this article at TechTarget.

Cloud Adoption and IT Governance

Organizations that adopt cloud services soon are usually skipping the preparatory stages. They are focusing more on better time-to-market products and a broader customer base than long-term wins. Some do not even know that cloud tools also have features to help customers comply with regulations. But these tools create better visibility for effective IT governance. Additionally, you should establish some basic principles around cloud adoption. You can also measure if your IT governance model is working per your expectations.

Feature Usage

There should be some standard practices to use the cloud. For instance, you must avoid overusing the feature that charges by the hour. For instance, Azure has the option to set the timeframe between which the virtual machines would be active. You can save 40 to 80 percent of your consumption if you follow this best practice. Leverage cloud adoption by reducing costs and optimizing operations using emerging technologies like AI and machine learning.

Managing Cloud Services

Enterprises might use more than one cloud option for their business. Though a cloud management platform can provide the essential support, the ultimate handler should be your team. A robust IT governance model can enable the multi-cloud option. Since more cloud services will evolve, have a governance framework that is scalable and flexible enough to support the dynamic demands of your team in the long run.

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