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What to Expect When Working as a Quality Assurance Engineer

Many engineering students usually aspire to start their professional journey as quality assurance engineers right after they graduate. With a stipulated internship and program, they typically get the opportunity to contribute as a quality assurance manager on a contract basis. But what does the job exactly offer? Is it a good career choice? How should a graduate plan and proceed with his aim of becoming a quality assurance engineer? In his article for ‘Medium,’ Atul Jha shares his experience of working as a quality assurance engineer.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Start

When you start your job, you would be given mock projects where you’d get the opportunity to better understand the situation under a senior QA’s supervision. As Jha mentioned, it can be a challenging, exhausting yet rewarding, and satisfying experience when you know that you are part of a team that will build real software.   

Never Stop Learning

Certain aspects are learned on the job as you spend more time in the organization. As a quality assurance engineer, your primary job is decoding the software by various means and testing it frequently. When you work as a quality assurance engineer for quite some time, you realize that ownership and team spirit are probably more important than technical skills. It should be your responsibility to connect with the product as an end-user. There will be times when you do not know everything, especially in the beginning. Cultivate the habit of asking for help when required and never stop learning.

It is equally important to prioritize tasks and fix deadlines for projects. Build strong ethics and high morale as these are two qualities that make you a good quality assurance engineer and a strong-minded team player.

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