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How to Enhance Your Management Plan

Several sub-plans in a project can be easily categorized into ‘high-level’ and ‘detailed’, depending on the project’s time, nature, and significance. Your company may have a centralized team to manage quality across the organization, or you may be asked to control the quality of a specific project. It would help if you were sure which approach should be used under which situation. In her article for PM World 360, Alison Mills-Long suggests some ways to enhance the management plan in your company.

What to Include in a High-Level Plan

If you want to utilize the high-level plan methodology, you should focus on the purpose, overview, scope, roles, and responsibilities to enhance your plan. In addition, you should also pay attention to metrics, tools, review, audit plan, and corrective action plan. You should record the lessons learned in different management plans and incorporate the knowledge in future projects.

What to Include in a Detailed Plan

In a detailed plan, you should focus on quality assurance, quality control, deliverables that seem essential to the project, and acceptance criteria. Moreover, your detailed plan should include project audit results, quality reviews, escalation plan, and industry price standards your organization is subject to.

Is a Management Plan Industry-Specific?

Depending upon the nature of your industry, there could be some distinct industry-specific requirements or regulations that must be considered in quality management. Similarly, your company might be required to use certain predetermined forms, documentation, or other paperwork that must be identified and incorporated into your management plan. When progressing with the documents, keep a duplicate copy and link the soft copies as a backup for the final results.  

To enhance your management plan, use a process flow chart and schedule collaborative brainstorming sessions with the team. You can also use affinity diagrams and mind mapping to improve the results.

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