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A PM Guide to Avert New Pandemic Woes

The coronavirus outbreak has tested the grit of companies worldwide. For over a year, IT professionals are efficiently overseeing and delivering projects from distributed locations. At last, when people have accepted this situation, a new set of challenges are ruining their peace. In this article at NJIT, Dave Watts outlines the fresh round of challenges for project managers. Turn these challenges into an opportunity to prove why you are on top of what is important to stakeholders.

Revive Your Approach

Virtual meetings, cloud sharing, and video interactions have played a significant role in retaining work consistency. However, organizations are now required to take radical steps for their operating models. As a result, new activities, roles and responsibilities, and advanced technologies have become a pandemic necessity.

Remote Evaluation

Project managers must adopt new ways of overseeing their project progress. They must welcome new skillsets and thinking while mastering advanced technologies. So, follow these four tips to survive the emerging challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Improve stakeholder communication to keep them motivated despite working from remote locations.¬†Your communication skills must be impactful through emails, video or audio calls, or any virtual channel.
  • With artificial intelligence (AI) taking a front seat in all spheres of any project lifecycle, managers must make extensive efforts to stay ahead of these emerging trends.
  • The post-pandemic condition created a hybrid work model. So, enterprises must continue managing their remote workforce without affecting their business operations. Invest in advanced tools and technologies to help your staff adapt to the hybrid model.
  • Be agile and enhance your project visibility to continue surviving and thriving in the post-pandemic business rivalry.

The global pandemic has affected people worldwide in different ways. The world went virtual in a short period. So, businesses need a digital contingency plan for survival. By paying attention to stakeholder communication, you can prove you are on top of what is important to them. It will also help in improving your game as a skilled project manager. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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