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Why Inclusive Workplaces Should Focus on Management Practices

Most modern businesses use the term ‘inclusive workplace’ in a narrow sense, reflecting in their operations and management. If employees do not experience a sense of belonging to their workplace, their efforts would be a compromising attempt, adversely affecting the organization in the longer run. In their article for Mckinsey & Company, Aaron De Smet, Drew Goldstein, and Ruth Imose share some management practices that companies should induce to accentuate the inclusivity quotient.

Go Beyond the ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Rule

Many companies emphasize a zero-tolerance policy to stop workplace discrimination and misdemeanors. It is undoubtedly a policy that companies should instill in their organizational behavior. However, organizations should go beyond that policy and work toward the rigorous implementation of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) strategy.

Make Employees Feel At Home  

It is the organization’s responsibility to create a space that encourages self-expression and acknowledges their non-work demands. A company should also stress the sense of unity, where the employees feel connected and motivated for a common goal. However, the company should keep in mind that it doesn’t allow individuals to lose their own identities.

Motivate the Leaders

Inclusive workplaces should also focus on the leaders’ well-being. Employees look up to them for inspiration and motivation as they shape their policy and soft power. When a company invests in its leaders, leaders must encourage collective decision-making and healthy discussions among teams.

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Workplace inclusion is a multi-hued idea that has to be carried out to minimize office bias. It should focus on connecting with the employees and allow them to communicate with each other. Workplace inclusion is an idea that aspires to transform the 2-dimensional personality of an employee into a humane figure who has passion, aims, likings, and a life.

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Inclusive workplaces focus on management practices that matter, not fluff | McKinsey & Company

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