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10 Attributes of a Winning Project Portfolio Manager

Some portfolio managers are more effective than others. Why? What characteristics make them stand out from the crowd? Are they attempting out-of-the-box ideas to satisfy their teams and stakeholders? Or do they have the formula to turn all projects into success? In this article at PMWorld 360, Jan Schiller defines the characteristics of a perfect project portfolio manager.

Pay Attention to Details

Often, leaders define professional skills as the primary reason for their success in the digital age. However, to justify your role, start observing what is really going on in your software portfolio.

Professional Expertise

Responsible leaders are open to learning and include emerging technologies in their project strategies. The use of advanced technologies and tools has become a vital necessity to survive in the digital world. Organizations embracing digital transformation are keen on involving leaders experienced in driving innovation. The following attributes will help you overcome your career roadblocks:

  • Be ready to delve into tasks that demand additional effort, like broadening your current skillset. Curiosity helps in recognizing opportunities in the most challenging conditions.
  • Stay adaptable and tweak project timelines to achieve desired results within a specific budget.
  • Shoulder the responsibility of your portfolio alone and eliminate the interference of people.
  • Embrace new research about client expectations, advanced tools and solutions, and geographic locations. Focus on nurturing your proficiency as a portfolio manager.
  • Avoid accomplishing future goals at the cost of current circumstances. Constant changes in market conditions may make your long-term plans ineffective.
  • Self-awareness is critical to increasing your contribution in overcoming emerging challenges. It enables you to hone your skills to develop your ideal work culture.
  • Accept your mistakes and learn what is going on in your software portfolio.
  • Seek help from team members when required to achieve critical objectives. Utilize the limited resources available to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Risk management skills are pivotal for portfolio managers to mitigate emerging threats.
  • As a leader, it is your primary responsibility to encourage your team to achieve the project’s purpose and win the client’s confidence. Inspire your crew to unleash their real potential.

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