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How Software QA Should Be in This Age of Automation

Do you feel that software QA must not be at the end of the development cycle? Do you think automation can change how testing is done today? Do you know how to bring more visibility into software quality assurance? In this TechRepublic article, Bill Detwiler discusses these topics with Red Ventures lead QA engineer Deborah Lewis. Let’s delve into the insights.

Thoughts on Software QA

A software QA specialist must have attention to detail, maintain structured decision-making, and be aware of outcome expectations. Above all, a QA specialist should ensure the delivered product is of the best quality, user-friendly, and free of errors.

Be the Best

While you can receive training on quality assurance processes, you should have an inherent aptitude to bring the best out of a product. Additionally, you must have soft skills to convince developers to make those changes without demeaning their hours of hard work. Instead of demanding a change, it should be a discussion where the object in point is the codebase and not the coder. Be ready to explain why developers need to make the change. You should also be open to listening to their perspective and understanding their thought process through interactions.

Take Part in Every Step

Since users do not like change in their beloved apps, you might get negative reviews after an update. You will even lose users if they think those updates are irrelevant. Additionally, sending the product for software QA just two days before delivery can increase the chance of rushed testing and deliverables. Developers need time to incorporate feedback. However, if a software QA expert is part of the development cycle from the beginning, developers can reduce the risk of potential rework. The process becomes more economical.

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Showcase QA Value

Since the marketplace is more competitive, companies are closing their QA unit and migrating those additional responsibilities to developers. Automation has enabled the quality assurance crew to be more cost-effective and to have a faster turnaround. Testers can make more customer-centric decision-making, thanks to automation. However, you must use your resources right, be it the testing personnel or tools, to earn more profits.

To bring more visibility into software quality assurance, involve the software QA team from project inception. Additionally, collaboration and active communication among various product testing units can help address common corporate challenges. As a quality assurance specialist, you must continually learn and have a template to coordinate things more transparently.

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