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GitOps: The Best Way to Modernize IT Governance

Nearly four out of 10 companies are running Kubernetes in a production environment today. However, many organizations still consider security and policy concern an overwhelming obstacle and bottleneck to innovation. As a solution, GitOps is now the defacto standard for many development teams, as it relies on Git’s correctness and security. Industry experts believe that enterprises with regulatory compliance and strict IT governance can establish GitOps. In this article at TechTarget, Beth Pariseau explains how to implement GitOps.

The Implementation Process

The implementation of GitOps is not a manual process. Additionally, before deploying a product, especially in traditional enterprises, IT teams must first change their mindset and workflows. “It requires DevOps practitioners to translate not just infrastructure configuration but also governance policies into code and apply them using sophisticated automation tools in a programmatic manner,” says Pariseau.

Path to Success

For large companies with strict IT governance requirements, GitOps is a promising approach to operate container infrastructure at scale. Some of the advantages of GitOps include:

  • Reduction in the variety of paths while removing the manual change management process.
  • Hands-off operations that further help in scaling out an unlimited amount of servers managed by a minimal number of people.
  • Management of changes through Git repos while allowing teams to work independently without friction from manual workflows.

The organization’s ability to encode compliance drivers means the enterprise can get consistent policy enforcement across a broad range of technology stacks. In addition, pursuing a GitOps model for security governance provides companies with a complete out-of-the-box solution designed to cover all security domains.

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For example, if CISOs want to leverage GitOps in an organization, they must have a mechanism to facilitate a similar governance model in product/business lines that are not leveraging Git-based source control platforms.

To read the original article, https://searchitoperations.techtarget.com/news/252500206/IT-pros-make-a-case-for-GitOps-in-IT-governance.

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