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Testers, Do You Need a Testing Certification?

A common topic of interest among testers is certification—whether it is worth acquiring one. The answer is ‘YES’. If you are interested in pursuing a career in quality assurance or already on a QA team, attaining QA certification will be a bonus. In this article at Software Testing Help, the author explains the importance of QA software testing certification programs. 

Why is it Essential?

Attaining certification in QA software testing is imperative for gaining knowledge and maintaining consistent quality in the industry. In software development, the QA team plays a significant role in ensuring the product is usable and maintains a standard of quality. In addition, good QA certification courses help the testers with strategic thinking and long-term quality sustainability. When choosing your certification goals, make sure to match your experience with the level of the QA course.

Benefits of Earning Testing Certification

Opportunity to Stand Out

Real-time knowledge is crucial. However, it is a certification that helps you stand out in the crowd. “The majority of the candidates you will compete against for testing jobs may not be certified,” explains the author. Therefore, you will have an advantage if you are certified.

Improve Software Development Process

Developers do not fix the bugs themselves. Many developers report that fixing bugs makes them feel overwhelmed, burned out, and frustrated. Instead, QA teams identify and evaluate whether the developed application meets the business requirement specifications. The certification equips testers with knowledge and a glossary of software testing terms to effectively communicate and bring greater efficiency across teams.

Provides Additional Opportunities

Are you an expert in software testing? Are you now looking forward to exploring new opportunities? Software testing certifications will help you remain updated about the standard testing definitions and updated technology.

Software testing certification is widely accepted across the globe. In addition, several studies have indicated that most managers want at least 75% of their staff certified. To read the original article, click on

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