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Formulate the Right Way to Improve QA Visibility

Gradually, organizations are acknowledging the benefits of integrated digital solutions. They help in fulfilling customer expectations by automating operational and business requirements. Such enterprises strategize agile ways to transform using the available resources and budget to plan new activities. In this article at Software Testing News, Barnaby explains that now companies cannot afford business disruptions. To avoid it, some embark on packaged application implementations like SAP S/4HANA.

Key to Improve Visibility

Do you know how to bring more visibility into quality assurance? By the adoption of modern-day ERP, CRM, and HR solutions. Together, they signify a technical change that helps evolve communication, alliance, and change management practices.

Gone are the days when performing large application execution was crucial. Today, change management for business applications has evolved. They can handle multiple transformations and coordinate with other software applications too.


It is the ideal approach to promote the pace of change. Automated testing of the application can evade undesirable impacts of intermittent changes to the end-to-end processes. You should utilize Agile and DevOps methodologies in the customized business application to employ large enterprise applications like SAP S/4HANA.

Emerging Challenges

It is challenging to identify the right approach to adopt Agile and DevOps practices for the customized applications. Companies may deal with various user interface (UI) tools far more complex than their client prototypes. So, here are the key components to evaluate business process:

  • Automate accessible business and IT applications for your users. It facilitates an agile collaboration between the business users and testers.
  • Look beyond the readily accessible automated solutions. Data-driven testing decreases the overall maintenance costs by infusing data to the UI. The total number of necessary changes associated with field updates decreases. Analyze the new automated solution with the existing products to create new tests.
  • Try the new web-based UIs like SAP Fiori to leverage UI5 and deliver customized content. Fiori represents a wide range of challenges to the automation teams, like slow list processing, massive HTML structures, and concurrent layout changes. The advanced versions of the UI also roll out automatic updates to interact with more than 300 different controls.

By updating your company’s core systems like SAP, you can transform your digital operations. Though, significant changes bring along massive risks. To accelerate without obstructing the quality, adopt an automation solution that can reduce time, step up project progress, and generate high revenue. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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