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Virtual project management has more disadvantages than advantages. If you are a new project manager or handling virtual responsibilities for the first time, all the stakeholders are eying your performance. In this article at Hackernoon, Muhammad Waleed Siddiqui shares the challenges of conducting a virtual meeting. Half of the time, project managers waste sending meeting invites to stakeholders. They then spend the remaining hours to ensure each invitee attends the meeting and absorb the discussion to understand the meeting minutes. The whole process disrupts the schedule of the project managers. Perhaps, it also affects their reputation with the stakeholders.

Agile Approach

Following the right action plan and project management tools, you can ace virtual collaboration with your project teams. Furthermore, you will get the due attention of the stakeholders. Follow these steps to prove you are on top of what is important to your stakeholders:

Communication Skills

Communication is a top challenge for project managers while handling a remote workforce. However, emails and virtual platforms are the top team preferences. Nonetheless, you need to maintain a standard decorum while communicating with the team.

Right Tool Selection

To keep each project contributor in the loop, take responsibility for the teams’ project progress and daily work. Prioritize and upgrade the project status by exchanging essential documents and collateral with the stakeholders.

Retrospective Discussions

A project manager’s role entails keeping transparency between teams and stakeholders. Such updates prove beneficial in the later stage of the project management lifecycle when tracking and updating the board becomes critical. By hosting retrospective meetings, you can keep everyone on the same page.

Since a majority of employees are working from distributed locations, project managers suffer new challenges and unforeseen responsibilities. To prove you are on top of what is important to the stakeholders, make efforts to remain one step ahead of all. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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