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Employers Are Not Hiring the Young in 2021

According to a CIPD poll, some organizations are not hiring the younger workers in 2021. 25 percent of enterprises will not recruit anyone in the age range of 16 to 24 in 12 months. Even government incentives are not enough to encourage hiring. How do young people just entering the job market feel about this? In this article at People Management, Lauren Brown shares more market insights about why employers are not hiring the young in 2021.

Why You Must Be Hiring the Young in 2021

The government is offering a $1,000 bonus for every new training and $2,000 for every new trainee. Despite the perks, only 8 percent of business owners were hiring the young in 2021. Just 5 percent were ready to offer internships after being informed of the bonus offerings.

Insights from Experts

Cherington HR founder Helen Astill conveyed, “Taking raw talent and nurturing it is the best way of showing that your business is expecting to be around in the longer term. Showing employees that you are prepared to invest in their long-term development and develop the skills you will need for your business going forward will generate engagement and encourage loyalty.”

CIPD policy advisor Lizzie Crowley shares a similar viewpoint. She explains, “Employers and the government need to meet each other halfway to improve employment prospects for young people who’ve been hit hardest by the pandemic.”

Cathedral Appointments managing director Jo Caine opines that hiring the young in 2021 will protect your business in the long run. They are tech-savvy and have more capacity to absorb new knowledge or skills. The combination could be a great asset to any company that wants to consistently grow in this volatile market. If you really are a people-centric organization, you must know what matters to your people.

Some organizations do not have the resources to address the evolving business needs. If you stop hiring the young in 2021, you might never surpass your competition or catch up with the latest trends.

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