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Is Visibility Enough for Effective IT Governance?

Organizations use information and technology (I&T) to accomplish their business goals with the COBIT 2019 framework. In this article at Good e-Learning blog, Alan Simmonds explains that I&T is pivotal to retaining your organization’s sustainable business growth. In terms of digital transformation, is visibility for effective governance enough to achieve success? Well, I&T identifies all the alarming issues that C-suite executives might have ignored in the past.

Achieve Strategic Goals

I&T is not a distinct discipline. It addresses a substantial concern of corporate governance that has a powerful impact on the C-suite. According to the UK Corporate Governance Code’s Section 4, Principle O, the board must form a system to overcome risks. They must administer an internal agenda to determine the scale of emerging risks an organization can take to achieve its long-term objectives.

Lack of Regulation

Often, the I&T roles lack standardization, due to which people find it hard to abide by rules. Indeed, the information and technology workforce is exceptionally skilled. However, they lack the ability to stand out as a professional group. Without appropriate ethics and goals, qualified employees might find survival a huge challenge even in top organizations. To recognize the value of a team’s effort, a governance framework and I&T management are critical.

New Beginnings

One framework cannot resolve all problems, but a well-thought-out approach can make a great start. So, organizations must acknowledge the value of I&T governance and management frameworks like COBIT 2019. The primary objective of the agenda is to create value for stakeholders. If you are doing well, then you may not require COBIT 2019. The governance framework is not always about decision-making, but it also involves what, when, and how. Visibility plays a vital role in establishing the value of IT governance practices.

To understand what is vital for the governance and management of I&T, evaluate when your organization needs a COBIT 2019 framework. Take a quick look at governance and management activities. By analyzing them, you can determine if adopting COBIT 2019 would benefit you. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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