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Collect Stakeholder Needs to Accelerate Projects

You have a massive ongoing project and you want to speed it up. But can you prove you are meeting your stakeholder needs? Without precise requirements, you cannot deliver beyond expectations. In this article at the Association for Project Management, Richard Young shares why you must collect and map stakeholder needs to increase project speed.

Clarifying Stakeholder Needs

Kerry Bangle MAPM, Project Speed programme lead at the Department for Transport, recommends working on people and mission. Doing so will fast-track your projects. Bangle explains, “We can write processes, and produce metrics, databases and even legislation – but it’s all reliant on people.”

Training Is Necessary

When you know the exact stakeholder needs, your team does not suffer from indecision or communication limbo. With a clear deadline, requirements, and outcomes, your teams can set their minds to delivering the best product or service quality. Nick Smallwood, CEO of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA), further adds that training also paces up your projects. Per Smallwood, “Bad projects can’t be saved by good engineering.” So, IPA has started training employees about best practices, benchmarking measures, etc., so that PM professionals better understand how their projects are faring.

Understand the Trade-Offs

You might force your team to accelerate, but will that produce optimal results? If you are on top of what is important to stakeholders, you will avoid making on-time delivery of defective products. If you think that killing or halting one project will help you produce better results for another, do so. Additionally, your suppliers can help evaluate and provide details of the project’s health to align with stakeholder needs.

Encourage Feedback & Opinions

Top stakeholders might be busy with several projects, so you must make the most of the meetings you have with them. Derive value from the conversations you have with them. Make them accountable and own tasks. It will become easier to gather lessons learned and classify them based on team, organization, and community feedback.

You can utilize project management methodologies to speed up your project life cycle. Agile certainly works for smaller projects. However, for major projects, be careful to maintain focus on your stakeholder needs.

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