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Are Leaders and Managers Lacking Soft Skills?

What qualities do you think make a strong business leader? To be a successful leader you must not only acquire thorough technical knowledge, but you must also possess soft skills. Studies indicate that compassion and empathy are highly important, especially in crises like the current COVID-19 pandemic. However, the research conducted by A City & Guilds report demonstrates that nearly two-thirds, that is, 73% of employees, felt that their organizations lacked effective leadership during the pandemic. In this article at People Management, Francis Churchill shares the insights of the City & Guilds research.

What Does the Research Say?

“The research found the vast majority of respondents (81%) expected their business to be negatively affected by the coronavirus and ongoing uncertainty in 2021,” says Churchill. According to the study, more than two-thirds of respondents believed that people management is a key skill for business leaders and managers. Additionally, 45% of those polled said that their managers needed to improve this skill. Nearly 31% of respondents indicated that their organizations did not have any measures in place to identify leadership. Additionally, one in six participants said that their companies failed to invest in career development training for leaders.

Why are Soft Skills Crucial?

Increased Productivity

Most often, it is the self-imposed organizational failures that hurt a company’s productivity. A leader with excellent soft skills will address the biggest threats to team’s productivity, such as conflict management, inability to delegate, communication issues, and under-utilization.

Improved Organizational Culture

Listening to employee concerns and empathizing with them will help leaders identify and fix organizational issues. This, in turn, can boost employee satisfaction.

Enhanced Agility

Excellent communication skills will reduce confusion and help employees focus on the right tasks. Similarly, leaders’ problem-solving skills will enable them to handle issues faster and with transparency.

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