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IT Governance Visibility Amidst Virus Woes

Does your organization have enough visibility for effective IT governance? If the answer is no, then your company still lacks the skills to become future-ready. In this article at ISACA, Gabriel Cusu justifies IT governance’s role amid the global lockdown and post-pandemic phase. By linking your business goals to the COBIT 2019 framework, you ascertain a tailored security framework to address the company’s requirements.

Long-Term Planning

As the pandemic hit industries across the globe, very few enterprises had a business continuity plan. It is a crucial element of enterprise governance that is backed by a robust risk management philosophy. Under COBIT 2019, business continuity efforts are a necessity. It enables IT or any business to counter the challenges of unforeseen incidents. Thus, adapting to disruptions and keeping business operations persistent turn out to be an easy task.

IT services, resources, data, and workforce are the real assets of an organization. If you adopt the emerging trends and keep your business operations flexible, there would be no shortage of resource availability and information security.

Key Growth Steps

Considering the pandemic’s after-effects, organizations must perform the actions essential for business continuity and growth. Additionally, outline the vital IT supports and resolutions to mitigate unforeseen mishaps. Analyze diverse scenarios and draw measures to continue business operations and IT connectivity. To maintain resilient operations and IT support, organizations must find ways to recover fast from any disruption.

Effective Governance

The global crisis has made cloud migration the protagonist of safe data sharing or exchange. Cloud services remain on top of the chart because of their flexible and accessible nature. Without effective governance, data sharing or transforming is impossible.

Effective governance specifies the obligations and methods essential for your board of directors and executives to exercise a strategic execution plan. An organization with Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) can learn to assess and build the right governance systems. CGEIT enables you to drive governance-compliant IT security operations. It ensures that your company is following necessary policies, procedures, standards, and security guidelines. With enterprise governance in place, you can keep a close watch over inefficient disruptions. 2020 has provided lessons to prepare for future uncertainties. Governance can help you adapt to such transformations as well.

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