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9 ISMS Steps to Get Visibility for IT Governance

ISO 27001 is the global standard for an information security management system (ISMS) covering people, processes, and IT governance. Gradually, startups and small companies are accepting the significance of ISO 27001. However, many IT professionals still struggle to find the right resources for project execution. In this blog article at IT Governance, Luke Irwin uncovers the ideal approach to set up an ISMS with ISO 27001.

What’s the Need?

By employing an ISO 27001-compliant ISMS, your organizations can get globally acclaimed security. It would strengthen your venture and bring discretion, reliability, and secure access to confidential data. Additionally, the audit certification would help you demonstrate your perseverance to ensure client data protection. The ISO 27001 certification is a mandatory supply chain need for most global markets.

Steps to Execute

Follow these steps to achieve data security and improve your business capabilities in the international arena:

  • Gather adequate information on the data security policy to evaluate the scope of ISMS. The step would help in accelerating management approval for crucial records.
  • Set project goals to ascertain the allocation of your project and ISMS goals.
  • Define the need for the ISMS process and list out tasks critical for project development and implementation.
  • Make sure you follow the ISO 27001 obligations related to business scope and leadership. Additionally, ensure that the ISMS aligns well with your business objectives.
  • Check if the security arrangements meet your company’s needs.
  • Have robust security and risk management procedure. Find an appropriate approach to the risk management plan.
  • Focus on sustaining ISMS practices and regulations that involve documentation and training.
  • Determine activities to evaluate and examine the efficiency of the ISMS.

These days, consulting firms help small companies cut down the time and effort of implementing an ISMS. Their IT governance experts can help you achieve certification within the desired project timeline and budget by assessing certification audits.

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