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Can Quality Assurance Boost Your Digital Business?

Digital business is the new normal for many organizations. Therefore, digital quality assurance is critical. There is too much at stake to ignore the value of digital scope and QA. So, do you know how to bring more visibility into software quality assurance? In this article at the Drum, Lewis Counsell shares how quality assurance can boost your digital business.

Including Quality Assurance

QA teams usually worked as the ‘poor cousin’ that received the product at the last phase of the project lifecycle. The last-minute testing mostly converted into time-consuming and costly maneuvers. Thanks to the growing importance of quality assurance, more organizations can send out deliverables at par with client expectations. Let’s find out how else quality assurance can boost your digital business:

Cost Efficiency

Your client contracts will have budgetary limitations. Additionally, customers would prefer that you work within the scope rather than increase the estimate at the eleventh hour. With QA, you can test and identify issues early before you send the product out for user acceptance testing (UAT).

Risk Reduction

You might not have a dedicated IT team for the development process, but you can surely host a QA team. They can have contacts with the developers to mitigate risks early. They can also help avoid regressions which happen when issues erupt because of new system integration.

Brand Promotion

Is your site not working correctly? Then how will your client access your communication channels? Your QA teams can solve any underlying issues quickly and maintain the consistency of your website performance. It brings more visibility into software quality assurance adding value to your business reputation.

Apart from quality assurance, test automation is also getting its well-deserved popularity among fast-paced organizations. This further enables the QA teams to deliver uniformity and quality of the software in production.

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