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De-Scope Your Project Tasks to Meet Your Milestones

Have you ever faced a situation when a smooth-running project suddenly derails for unknown reasons? Such a problem is caused by improper project management or critical mistakes while initiating, planning, and/or executing project activities. This is where de-scoping project tasks helps you meet milestones. In this article at PM Tips, Jon M. Quigley and Steve Lauck explain how to de-scope the project tasks.

How to De-Scope Project Tasks?

If you are at the point of de-scoping project tasks, you have passed the project planning and scoping phases. Project planning defines a project’s goals and estimates the time it will take to achieve each goal. De-scoping must be part of your project’s execution phase. Measure how long it takes you to finish a task compared to your estimate to learn if your planning and scoping phases were accurate.

Here is a step-by-step guide to de-scope project tasks once you are in the execution phase:

Analyze the Task

While de-scoping, accurately analyze its impact on the milestone and project. While you investigate, ask yourself:

  • How essential is this task to the milestone?
  • Why should the task be de-scoped over others?
  • What impact will de-scoping this task have on the other tasks?

Communicate to your team members why you must de-scope a task and how it will enhance your team’s impact on the business strategy.

Align Tasks’ Goals with User Needs

Before de-scoping a task, read your analysis concerning users’ needs for this feature. Explain how this action will improve users’ experience.

Understand the Task Priority

Practicing idea management – the process of curating, collecting, and prioritizing ideas from colleagues, customers, and stakeholders – will help you effortlessly align user needs with tasks during the de-scoping process.

Document the Changes

Documenting everything applies to de-scoping tasks as well. If your software solution has document storage or space, use them to write down the details of your project de-scoping process.

Do you want to learn more about de-scoping project tasks? Click here and read the original article.

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