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Software QAOps: Key to Achieve Customer Satisfaction

QAOps in software testing is a relatively new trend after Agile DevOps in the software testing and development industry. Indeed, keeping track of all the trendy terms is difficult, but understanding their significance is essential. In this article at Software Testing News, uncover the specifics of an emerging practice of QAOps.

Learn the Definition

Do you know how to bring more visibility to software quality assurance? Quality assurance (QA) and software operations (Ops) are abbreviating as QAOps. It is an integral part of a software development lifecycle. The process ensures and helps in maintaining a high quality of the software products. In a fast-transforming business world where continuous delivery is the new norm, product quality is the key to success. Quality is as important as the ideal user experience. Thus, QAOps came into being to enhance the product quality and delivery processes.

Accelerating Actions

The quality assurance and testing teams must work in close collaboration to channelize continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD). Though the term QAOps is relatively new, leading enterprises are adopting it to ensure excellence and resilience. With automated integration, QAOps enables a sharp growth in business revenue with the CI/CD pipeline. Also, the process helps in improving productivity by encouraging diverse team’s collaboration.

Additional Pluses

Developers must start documenting test cases as product software designers and QA team uncover the potential UX/UI gaps. Your strategic initiative to integrate quality assurance in software development and operations can help achieve high quality and fast delivery. Together, QA and developers can make the whole development and testing process effective and lasting. QAOps may become a game-changer in the future. Start implementing it now for speedy delivery without compromising on your software product quality.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.softwaretestingnews.co.uk/the-rising-value-of-qaops-in-software-testing/

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