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Striving for Operational Resilience? Implement IT Governance

Achieving operational resilience is challenging, considering the increasing complexity of processes, technology infrastructure, and organizational silos. To achieve operational resilience, business leaders must ensure that organization considers stability in all activities.  Additionally, leaders must understand how all domains – technology, facilities, operations, people, third parties, and data – impact critical service. How governance ensures operational resilience? In this article at iTweb, the author explains how IT governance builds business resilience.

How Does IT Governance Help?

IT governance helps the organization draw a roadmap to review people, processes, and technology outputs and align them to enterprise goals. Further, it allows organizations to overhaul their information systems and assess the various technology solutions that helped them persevere during uncertain times.

Good governance is an excellent tool that helps service-based and operational technology businesses survive during tough economic times. Experts believe that companies must empower their governance capabilities from a business continuity and risk management perspective.

A Pre-Governance Scenario

“Prior to the governance project, organizations had no integrated view of governance, IT systems, or cybersecurity,” explains the author. People, technology, and processes were not aligned. This led to inefficiencies and also security vulnerabilities. Organizations provided links to the company’s network to external service providers, creating significant security gaps. Further, the networks were not segregated, and many computers were not even equipped with anti-virus software.

Today, with IT governance in place, organizations have adopted new ways of working, and it is highly essential in this age where operational technology systems are connected to the Internet.

Though governance and business continuity are inextricably linked, it is often overlooked by businesses. The probability of surviving and thriving during a crisis is possible for organizations with good governance in place, compared to those who don’t have.

To read the original article, click on https://www.itweb.co.za/content/rxP3jMBmkmJ7A2ye/XnWJadMbdKvbjO1e.

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