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Implement Visual Models for Your ITG Practices

For many organizations, IT-enabled business initiatives constitute significant investments. IT professionals and management are concerned with implementing, designing, and assessing IT governance (ITG) strategies to ensure that technology truly serves their business needs. To encourage behaviors consistent with the organization’s mission, values, strategy, norms, and culture, IT professionals can implement ITG using various structures, processes, and relational mechanisms. In this article at ISACA, Rafael Almeida, Pedro Linares Pinto, Renato Lourinho, and Miguel Mira da Silva explain how to use visual models for adopting IT Governance practices.

How Can Visual Models Help?

Visual models help in:

  • A better understanding of ITG practices
  • Improving the education and training initiatives within the organization
  • Enhancing communication between stakeholders
  • Detecting duplicate or similar ITG projects within the enterprise
  • Prioritizing current and future ITG initiatives
  • Performing cost/benefit analysis for current ITG practice

Using ArchiMate, a modeling technique, you can depict a more comprehensible representation and make knowledge and information more explicit.

How does ArchiMate help?

ITG practices are highly complex, generic, and challenging to implement. It demands significant investment and resources. ArchiMate provides a uniform representation for diagrams that describes enterprise architectures. The modelling technique also helps practitioners convey simplified versions of the structure of an organization’s various aspects. It covers the business, application, and technology layers of an organization. The core elements of the ArchiMate language focus on describing the architecture of systems that support the enterprise. ArchiMate allows decision-makers to obtain information on resources and capabilities and helps them assess the kind of impacts their decisions may have.

The modeling language outlines the concepts and relationships that govern modern businesses. It provides stakeholders with adequate information about the primary resources and concerns they must address. The transparency offered by ArchiMate makes it a popular language for stakeholders to design, communicate, and assess the information flow, business process, technical infrastructure, and organizational structure.

To read the original article, click on https://www.isaca.org/resources/news-and-trends/industry-news/2017/using-visual-models-for-adopting-it-governance-practices.

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