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Virtualization Offers Visibility to Software Testing

Software testing needs data and time to deliver a perfect product to customers and end-users. Though unit testing has sped up the software development process, it is not a long-term solution. This is where you need virtualization, which develops virtual versions of operating systems, storage, network, and more Do you know how virtualization can bring more visibility into software quality assurance? In this article at Software Testing News, Constance Drugeot shares virtualization benefits for testing.

Software Testing & Virtualization

Instead of connecting to multiple systems, virtualization can enable developers to run several virtual environments from the same system. Apart from this, resource allocation, hardware cost efficiency, and cybersecurity support are other impressive advantages of the technique.

Use Cases

Since virtual systems are not exposed to physical ecosystems, testers can perform testing more securely. You can also use containers like Docker and Kubernetes, which customize the operating system instead of the entire environment. You can work on virtual environments and store backups in case the physical systems crash. You can separately examine a bug without inflicting damages to the actual environment. However, virtualization initiatives can slow down the progress due to technical glitches.

Apart from customization features, you can also quickly recover from system downtime for complex programs. You can try out various combinations through virtualization. However, if your testing requires multiple physical resources, virtual machines might do you no good.

It depends on your software and the testing methodology to leverage the simulated environments with the help of the virtual machines. Otherwise, the technique serves you best when you do not want to damage the actual hardware and simulate the conditions to bring forth a solution. Virtualization is still one of the best options for developers have come by so far.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.softwaretestingnews.co.uk/how-is-virtualization-changing-software-testing/

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