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A Guide to Master a Fail-Safe Scope Management Plan

Inability to control scope may set your project up for failure. It may also lead to scope creep and time and budget overrun. And, if you do not validate your products before passing on to the end-users, you are set to struggle further. In this article at Project Engineer, Bernie Roseke elaborates on the scope management plan. The process and procedure can protect you from several vulnerabilities.

The Core Elements

The scope management plan is a project statement that prompts a smooth project scope. These are some necessary segments of an ideal scope management plan:


The scope recognition route facilitates a discovery move. You need your stakeholder’s intervention to identify and prioritize such external requirements. Neglecting anything at this point may cost you. Use requirements traceability matrix and enable the project team to get approvals at each stage of the project lifecycle.

Scope Statement

Learn to document scope statement to prevent the unpleasant prospects causing forbidden project scope. Thus, accepting the project scope by the stakeholders become easy. There is no alternative to identifying project limitations in writing. So, the scope statement makes it clear what is present in the project.

Work Breakdown Structure

It helps in splitting the project into a range of tasks. The work breakdown structure (WBS) shapes the foundation of modern project management techniques. Thus, you can analyze each task to finish within the given time and budget. You can display WBS in a graph or table and structure it in project phases, project deliverables, and subprojects.

Additional Elements

The scope management plan also specifies the diverse roles and responsibilities of your team members. It must also include project deliverables and stakeholder approvals. Their acceptance of the deliverables is crucial for the project scope.

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