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Communication: Key to Know How Your People Feel

Employees are a crucial asset. It is a learning entrepreneur should remember, even when the pandemic is over. The novel coronavirus epidemic has underlined the team dynamics. Communication is the highlight of all the lessons global lockdown has left behind. In this article at PM Student, Luke Smith explains how to know what people feel. Does it really matter? Indeed, it does. Leaders have recently put a lot of effort into improving virtual communication with remote teams.

Where Is the Gap?

Being the project manager, it is your responsibility to analyze, strategize, and bridge the existing communication void, if any. Switch to some reliable collaboration tools, and invest time and money in ‘real-time strategies’ and training options. Help your team operate cohesively in the post-pandemic phase.

Long-Term Solutions

Advanced technologies made communication, process, and idea execution easy. So, adopt these tools and keep up with seamless modes of communication. Virtual chatbots enable your team to concentrate on significant matters. Be wary of protocols for virtual working, hiring, and employee training. Heaps of online courses are available to aid staff training. Invest in them to utilize this time to upgrade employee skills for a bright future. Educate them on the ‘new normal’ scenario of online business operations. Make your staff agile and fit for the post-crisis world.

Open to Feedback

Your team’s ability to adapt and act on feedback from peers, clients, and stakeholders shapes them into a group of refined professionals. Feedback is fundamental to enhance efficiency and quality. Develop an open communication and feedback trend within your teams. Let your team members speak, share, and voice their opinion about the work they are doing. The time is ideal for developing and enhancing relationships with the employees. You can use the present situation to lift your team’s standards and stand out from the crowd, now and forever!

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