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Be Wary of How Your People Feel, It Matters

Are you part of an agile organization? Do you really think your company is offering innovative products or solutions? Do you know how your team feels? If your answer is no, then there is a significant gap. Your enterprise must find better ways to survive the growing market challenges. In this article at PM Times, Paul Oppong identifies some practical ways to encourage innovation in project teams. Lack of originality in the present scenario is the reason why your loyal customers are leaving you.

Standout Approach

No one wants to use the same products or services continuously. Modernization is the key to remain resilient. If you promote an unconventional approach to bridge the emerging gaps, you can create an unconventional path to success. Combine new ideas with the old ones to form an upbeat solution. Question your present methods to bring novelty to your team’s thought process. Here is how:

Incorporate Collaboration

Diverse teams bring a broader range of activities, interests, and experiences. Each individual brings a unique approach to resolve issues or offer solutions. By empowering your team to chase a common goal, you can win their loyalty and trust to share innovative ideas. However, you must ensure implementing their exclusive ideas in due time. Make significant efforts to recruit top industry talents by discarding ineffective conventional approaches to hiring.

Brave Imagination

Urge your team to think and propose out-of-the-box solutions. Let them explore the unknown horizons to bring versatile solutions to the table. Your objective should be to promote innovation. So, analyze ongoing market trends and consumer demands. Initiate proactive team discussions to develop breakthrough ideas. Let your team’s creativity flow to follow the path to progress.

Plan a Step Ahead

Once your idea is ready to roll, formulate a way to assess its impact. Designate a specific time frame for idea generation, execution, and ROI analysis to initiate necessary adjustments. Form an open channel to depict and document innovative ideas.

Cover the Gaps

Win your team’s confidence by exchanging and implementing new ideas with them. Be agile and conduct open communication forums to interact with them regularly. There is no harm in enriching their ideas with your experience and knowledge but rejecting them outright without explanation is unethical. So, always weigh an employee’s suggestion before adding your valuable insights.

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