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Why Must Organizations Work More on IT Governance?

To derive value from the IT systems and teams, organizations need IT governance. Not only does it monitor the performance of the technologies but also detects risks beforehand. Irrespective of the size of your company, conflict in stakeholder interests can shift your direction. Having a team to align IT with business becomes crucial to increase the visibility and effectiveness of IT governance. In this article at Management Study Guide, learn why organizations should pay more attention to IT governance.

IT Governance Role

IT governance has various definitions. One of them is ‘alignment of leadership, organizational structures, and processes to actualize and sustain the organizational objectives through the use of IT’. Though it is a subcategory of corporate governance, you need to pay them equal importance to enhance corporate welfare.

Related Terms

Do not mix the terms up because they do not serve the same purpose. IT governance is about aligning the organizational resources and creating value from the tools available. IT management is about developing a plan to utilize, direct, and organize IT resources. IT controls ensure that you can monitor and track down the various IT mechanisms.


COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) is among the popular IT governance frameworks. It has 37 different processes and a guideline to manage them well. Organizations take up these methodologies so that they can have parameters and standards to guide them to success. Also, risk management and performance measurement are essential to achieve any goal. Once you have this transparency from the IT governance team, it is easier for you to concentrate on the organizational goals. Basically, it became essential when several companies hit rock bottom for lack of corporate visibility and misaligned IT and business processes. But is visibility enough for effective IT governance today? Perhaps, you have to mix it up with corporate governance to increase efficiency.

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