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Should Developers Do Their Own Testing?

The most common question during the testing process is, should developers do their own testing or not? Most often, developers backed by one or more quality assurance (QA) testers don’t thoroughly test their code. Developers don’t want to spend the time, or they would prefer to rely on QA to find the defects. Furthermore, some developers think that their code is flawless. However, even minor bugs can lead to big business problems. In this article at Software Testing News, the author explains why developer-based testing is trending rather than QA-based testing.

Which Alternative Works Best?

Developer-Based Testing

In some teams, developers must perform unit testing at minimum or produce integrated, automated, or code-based tests. However, developers do not want to waste their time on building development tests. “Some developers think that creating unit tests is too complex to perform tests repeatedly, even when automated. Basically, testing slows down the development process and reduces coding productivity,” says the author. Therefore, developers frequently bypass building development tests in favor of creating new features.

One of the significant reasons for this is that the developers work in one section of the application code. They may fail to understand all the requirements. If they fail to comprehend the needs, they will never find an error, no matter the test’s depth. However, some developers thoroughly test their codes. They use coded tests to determine whether a given fix breaks the existing code, the build, or the application’s base functionality. These developers who test their codes are competitive. They do not want the QA test or customers to find defects.

QA-Based Testing

QA testers possess a distinct set of skills that are quite different from those of developers. As QA testers have a broader knowledge of the application system and history, their supportive role to the development teams is valuable. QA testers work within the team of developers to enhance their productivity. QA-based testing is essential, whether implemented as a support role for the development teams or independent entities. Though testing is a repetitive task, testers must use their imagination to anticipate what customers might do. Their experience with a wide variety of web and mobile applications make testers valuable.

QA-based testing or developer-based testing? Developers and testers work best together, and a balanced approach is the most suitable one. To read the original article, click on

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