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A Shift from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering

Earlier, developers relied on quality assurance (QA) analysts to understand software quality before deployment. However, the availability of information has now changed the way services and goods are created and delivered. These changes are helping software developers to improve the quality of products at every stage of the process. Development teams are moving away from QA towards quality engineering (QE). In this article at The QA Lead, Ben Aston explains the difference between the two concepts and the factors driving trends towards QE over QA.

What is Quality Engineering?

Quality engineering is the new age method used to ensure that products have met their customer requirements. It’s a cross-functional method where multiple teams work seamlessly to ensure that the product is impeccable. Quality engineering does not stop at the product’s deployment but maintains its quality for a more extended period.

Difference Between QA and QE

Though QA and QE both have the same goal of ensuring quality products, there are some differences between the two:

  • QA maintains the quality of the finished product, while QE puts a system where products must meet milestones at different stages.
  • QE demands all teams to be involved in the product development to pay attention to quality, while QA generally leaves this to the quality assurance team that comes in when the product is complete.
  • While QA takes a one-size-fits-all approach, QE prioritizes having the right testing tools for each development stage.
  • QE keeps the processes agile and flexible, while QA looks at the bigger picture.

How to Evolve from QA to QE?

To embark on this massive shift, organizations must embrace a new culture and mindset. Implement a continuous integration model between developers and testers to enhance a collaborative, iterative, and adaptive environment. Project managers must design a new way of the software development lifecycle that is fortified with sustainable test automation frameworks and methodologies. QE is all about thinking of quality at every level and by everyone around.

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