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What Makes You the Best Leader?

The roles and responsibilities of business leaders have dramatically changed in the past few months. Before COVID-19, business leaders focused on driving revenue, fostering innovation, and gaining market share. Today, leaders’ priorities have changed, and they are focused on making rapid decisions about controlling costs and maintaining liquidity. In this article at sussanemadsen.co.uk, Sussane Madsen explains what makes a good leader during a crisis.

Traits of a Good Leader

Great Leaders Show Empathy

While the world suffers through the current global crisis, many employees look up to their managers and organizations at large for career guidance. Great leaders acknowledge the concerns of their employees while also helping to address them. “With a solid focus on people, good leaders rise above the circumstances and see into the future. Their ability to manage their emotions helps them stay focused and become ambassadors of hope,” says Sussane.

Gives Employees a Voice

A good business leader provides employees with an opportunity to speak up and take action. They regularly tap into strategic thinkers and hear different approaches to problems, and make informed decisions. Such initiatives will make employees feel valued by their employers, and they feel better connected.

Puts People in the Front

The best leader gives each person the permission and freedom to air things out. They emphasize significantly on the wellbeing of employees. Besides, they take personal ownership in a crisis, even though many challenges and factors lie outside their control.

Engages with Employees

During a crisis, people want more authenticity than perfection. Therefore, great leaders always tell the truth and stay close to people. They take this crisis as an opportunity to set clear goals and priorities.

There is no certainty as to when this crisis will pass or how it will impact organizations. But, as a great leader, you must make an effort to inspire employees and give them a sense of direction for the future. Read the original article by clicking on: https://www.susannemadsen.co.uk/blog/archives/03-2020.

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