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Convince Stakeholders of PM Value in Post-COVID Era

While nobody doubted PM value before, situations can be different when the COVID crisis mellows down. So, you must keep promoting the benefits of project management and how it enables your organization to move forward. You should prove through PM methodologies that you are on top of stakeholder interests. In this article at the Association for Project Management, Sebastian Harris shares ways to convince the stakeholders of PM value after the pandemic intensity wears off.

Tips to Maintain PM Value

To make stakeholders honor PM value, you must remind them often of the advantages. Do not wait for the large wins. Discuss the small victories too. Organization leaders should know that PM value is applicable in various projects, irrespective of their size and complexity. How do you achieve this regularly? Here are a few ways that you can increase PM value in the post-COVID era:

Don’t Take Things for Granted

It is a mistake that many project managers make. They think people will remember their project victories. You must not believe that the stakeholders that supported you before the lockdown would have the same confidence now. Even if you had delivered a good project, you should proactively build rapport.

Evolve Always

Know for sure that things are going to change and accept that. If you used to do things differently, do not assume that those principles will remain the same. Evolve as the situation demands. You are no longer sticking to the office work timings. So, offer flexibility to stakeholders and incorporate their new requirements.

Approach Valuation Differently

Of course, PM value is a reality, but you must package and present the benefits differently. While the senior management saw a crisper presentation, your team got a detailed view. Similarly, understand your audience and convince them based on their interest areas. For instance, financial benefits are something that all would love to understand.

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