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PPM Leaders, Keep Track of Your Software Portfolio

Today’s program and portfolio management (PPM) leaders face challenges from all directions. They must act as a significant enabler of strategic execution for the organization. Still, people give more importance to a project manager than the PPM leader. In this article at Gartner, Laurence Goasduff defines what is really going on in a software portfolio and how a PPM leader can escape consequences of transformation?

Digital Transformation

Introducing an agile approach to digital transformation (DX) is crucial to beat the emerging competition. The PPM leaders must act proactively to observe and manage organizational changes. Any incomprehension may cause transformational fatigue or delays in project accomplishment. The program and portfolio management leaders must avoid pitfalls that can cause a delay in digital transformation. Here is how:

Communication Glitch

Indifference between C-suite executives and staff members is customary during the execution of the digital transformation. However, it becomes challenging if the employees remain uncertain about further developments. Inconsistent information sharing leads to unnecessary assumptions. The PPM leader’s responsibility is to carefully fix the communication gap and align everyone, especially senior management, with the digital transformation plan.

Standardized Approach

The procedure of digital transformation execution is inconsistent. Assuming all the team members would embrace or respond to the change at the same pace is inappropriate. The PPM leaders must carefully observe all the departments and see who all are finding it challenging to adapt to the change. You can help the exasperated teams by extending the necessary support for transformation.

Embracing Anticipations

Transformation is possible through training but it demands remarkable effort. To sustain the unusual shift, work on unstable strategies and work skills. PPM leaders must develop time and resources to conduct on-the-job employee learning. A sound budget planning is vital to sustaining before, during, and after the execution of organizational makeover.

Transformation Fatigue

Digital transformation may demand drastic changes in multiple projects at the same time. The sudden shift in project progress may lead to change fatigue. Employee burnout, massive turnover, or unwanted hassles and errors are the reasons for it. The PPM leaders must adapt and analyze the real scenario to escape the vulnerabilities that cause ‘change fatigue’.

Open to Encounter Challenge

Challenges and struggles are the by-products of a new transformation. It encourages the adoption of innovative thinking. The PPM leaders must cultivate an open work environment where addressing queries, accepting challenges, and welcoming suggestions are customary.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/5-organizational-change-pitfalls-ppm-leaders-should-avoid/

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