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Key Maturity Assessment to Define Your PMO’s Worth

PMOs are the facilitators of strategic operations in a highly complex project management ecosystem. They must draw practical tactics and execute the necessary steps initially to achieve success in all business projects. However, they cannot succeed without learning about stakeholder expectations and what is really happening in a software portfolio. In this article at ITWeb, Dalene Grobler defines the true worth of a PMO. To boost your organization’s business value, you must acquire in-depth knowledge of the internal and external transactions. An organizational maturity assessment is critical to open doors of valuable insights.

The Right Step Ahead

Picking a fitting maturity assessment prototype may not be easy as you have enormous options available. So, keep the vital considerations in mind as you shortlist the most appropriate options. Take a look at the PPM maturity assessment in which the PMO acts as a core element.

Moreover, get a holistic view of the emerging challenges and opportunities that can add value to the organization. Limiting your focus while performing the maturity assessment may not be beneficial. An ideal prototype uncovers the current vulnerabilities and gives you practical guidance to boost growth.

Beware of Falsehoods

Have a thorough understanding of the myths around a maturity Assessment. It will help in:

  • Understanding your abilities to address and improve current organizational needs and vulnerabilities without affecting the project requirements. The involvement of all stakeholders is crucial to ensure you meet the project commitments.
  • Analyzing yourself to add more value to the organization’s maturity level and deliver strategic project insights. Bring innovation to your work by adopting out-of-the-box practices.
  • Understanding and catering to stakeholder expectations. The PMO must initiate a diagnosis to fix the existing gaps and address frequent emerging issues.
  • Executing incremental transformations that can absorb and adopt a well-defined transformation plan. Thus, you can evolve and make better project decisions.

An insufficiently diagnosed maturity assessment cannot provide clarity over the practical actions and working techniques. Thus, it becomes a barrier to the desired growth and improvement. Your PMO’s job is to facilitate a clear understanding of the PPM maturity to maximize project value.

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