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Acquire Basic Knowledge of Quality Assurance

What do you understand by the term quality? It indicates neat or an excellence of a high degree, it is also a crucial element to surviving the growing market competition. However, once you learn to meet the client’s expectations of product design, endurance, reliability, and cost, you win their trust for life. In this article at Guru99, learn about quality assurance (QA). Discover how it qualifies the reliability test and helps you focus on improving the quality of your products.

Upgrade Visibility

For IT professionals or even MNCs, QA is a stepping stone to flex technical skills. The QA lifecycle, also known as the PDCA or Deming cycle, has four phases. Each determines if the procedure adopted by the organization is evolving regularly:

  • The planning phase determines the objective of the processes to deliver a high-quality product.
  • The execution phase helps in development and testing while making necessary changes in the end.
  • The monitoring phase brings visibility in the product development and ensures it meets the desired goals.
  • The action phase commences vital steps to improve the procedure. It helps in reducing loopholes and discrepancies in the finished product.

Software Quality Assurance Vs. Software Testing

Many has the misconception that software quality assurance and software testing are identical. Both are linked to quality management but differ in their purpose.

Software quality assurance focuses on preventing vulnerabilities. Software testing identifies the defect. It assesses the products or services to draw desired results while SQA analyses the process to make necessary changes.

Software quality assurance is the route to form a deliverable, while software testing helps in verifying it. It certifies the standards of product monitoring during the production. SQA identifies the standards and practices you must follow to meet the customer needs.

To establish a standard quality assurance process, you can undertake some certification courses, including ISO 9000 and Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI). Consider it as a qualifying parameter to shortlist a software vendor.

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