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Project Constraints: Tips to Identify and Overcome

A successful project means delivering the project within the budget and schedule while meeting the stakeholders’ requirements. But, very few projects meet all these goals. It is most common that projects run over budget, miss schedule, or do not meet the stakeholders’ needs. One of the biggest responsibilities of a project manager is to manage project constraints to ensure that the project gets completed on budget, time, and allocated resources.

In this article at PM Tips, the author explains some of the major constraints that project managers face and ways to manage them.

Project Constraints and Tips to Overcome

Unrealistic Expectations of Stakeholders

Sometimes, stakeholders have unrealistic expectations about the project outcomes. As a project manager, you must be prepared to manage them in order to avoid project failures. With excellent communication and scope statement documents, you can easily overcome this constraint.

Lack of Skilled Resources

The shortage of talented employees will negatively impact the start dates and completion dates of the project. This might further lead to project delays. Further, customer satisfaction will take a huge hit.

Poor Communication

“Studies show that poor communication can lead to project failure one-third of the time, whereas strong and effective communication leads to overcoming great obstacle and challenges which increases the chance for a more successful project,” says the author. Poor project communication can evoke misunderstanding regarding activity assignments, scope, project risks, schedules, timeline, and others that will further lead to project failure.

Lack of Proper Training

Lack of knowledge in new technology and the shortage of resources with experience in new technology can lead to project delays. You can overcome this constraint by adopting new technology and enabling improvements in different areas of the project. For instance, you might face difficulties in implementing project management software in your organization. But, once implemented, you will enjoy numerous benefits.

You must identify project constraints at the planning stage of the project. However, it must be a continuous process. By adhering to the plan and schedule, your project is given every chance of success.

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