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What is the Impact of COVID-19 on PMO?

In the wake of the COVID-19, many enterprises are dealing with new disruptions, especially a shift to a remote work environment. In many organizations, remote project management office (PMO) is experiencing minimal or no disruption to productivity when the traditional office environment is not accessible. But how do employees feel about the ‘new’ normal? Does it matter to them?

In this article at The Project Group, the author explains how the pandemic has affected work and what project managers can expect.

Impact of Crisis on PMO

“PMOs are trying to prioritize projects to determine those that are absolutely essential,” says the author. One of the significant impacts of this crisis is that it has made reliable planning difficult as:

  • Meetings and deadlines are either postponed or canceled
  • Collaboration with external stakeholders has its problems
  • Key staff aren’t accessible

Working from Home – Is It Successful?

Some business leaders are considering work from home as a permanent feature and have started evaluating its merits and demerits. With virtual meetings and conferences in place at the majority of PMOs, companies can reduce the operating cost by nearly 50% to 70%. For instance, organizations no longer have to invest in transport and real estate cost. However, there are some disadvantages to remote work. Some of them include:

  • Difficulty in providing orientation to new employees virtually
  • Harder to maintain personal contact with clients and teams
  • Lack of knowledge in how to use the technology

What is the Future of PMO?

According to the author, PMOs will work seamlessly if:

  • Employees are willing to attend important meetings in person, if required.
  • Collaboration tools enable staff to communicate with external contacts – clients and suppliers.
  • There are uniform and agreed-upon guidelines for using the available technology.

Some business leaders are still considering work from home as a temporary solution, but emphasizing more on the combination of working from home and on-site work in the office. PMOs are now focusing on creating more flexible workplaces for the future.

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