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How to Keep Your Remote Team Productive?

The coronavirus pandemic has driven a large number of organizations to remote work. Today, it is becoming essential for businesses to cultivate a productive and engaged remote team. In this article at Forbes, Kevin Kruse explains the ways to keep your remote team aligned and productive.

Tips to Keep Your Remote Team Productive

Communicate Regularly

Remote teams fail to function well without excellent communication. Schedule daily stand-up meetings to keep your team members aware of what other teams are doing. As a business leader, create a digital office space where your employees can have short conversations.

Have a Feedback Mechanism

Providing feedback to employees on their performance is an integral part of every organization – whether remote or traditional. Regular feedbacks help in boosting productivity and the quality of work. Here are some ways to bring sanity to the feedback process.

  • Progress Reports: Progress reports will undoubtedly help in instantly increasing productivity. A negative report will push your team to work harder. At the same time, the positive feedback on their work will pull them towards getting better. Remember, every employee wants to stay best in the game – irrespective of working remotely or otherwise.
  • Check-ins: Daily or weekly conference calls are essential as they help everyone stay on the same page. The conference calls with specific agenda give employees an outline of their responsibilities in the immediate future.

Assign Responsibilities Rightly

“When it comes to remote teams unless accountability is explicitly assigned, it’s rare that someone will just step up and assume responsibility,” says Kevin. Therefore, assign responsibilities directly or ask for volunteers. This is because people will follow through on getting the work completed if they have signed up voluntarily for it. Ensure to make only one person accountable for a task, and there is no confusion over who is actually responsible.

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