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IT Governance in the Digital Era to Beat Undesirable Acts

Despite the growing rage of security hacks, IT governance remains highly underrated, misinterpreted, and mostly ignored. Exceptional connectivity and availability of data have made IT professionals more potent than before. So do the hackers that are continually looking for ways to disrupt the existing IT infrastructure. In this article at ISACA, Paul Wilkinson defines the significance of governance to lift standards of IT undertakings while preventing malicious acts.

Need for Compliance

The digital era is challenging the power of governance and its objectives when the velocity of technology and business has accelerated exponentially. Organizations need management to channelize vigilance and data security.

Carelessness and ignorance are the two main factors preventing organizations from leveraging IT governance. Instead of using compliance as a tool for improvement, IT professionals deem it as a burden.

The lack of judgment has ruined the reputation of IT governance. Often, people consider it as a cumbersome exercise rather than an opportunity to raise their work quality. According to the ISACA Board of Directors, enforcing compliance rules may not bring desired outcomes. You must focus on governance principles too.

What Is the Correlation?

Implement compliance while shifting your focus towards the business value it may create in the future. Documenting intricate audit reports may not suffice the business objective. Executing advice to improve cost, getting the right balance, practicing corporate and business governance are equally essential.

Integrate Digital Techniques

To survive and thrive in the digital age, embrace disruptive technologies while ensuring you have identified those risks. According to a recent McKinsey report, one of the most prominent reasons failures occur is the vulnerabilities in the IT operating model. Thus, organizations must reform their IT infrastructure and business models. To achieve the credibility and trust, IT must raise its standards from being a meager service provider to a reliable strategic partner.

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